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"Italian Cocktail" - "Cocchi" - Vermouth & "Barolo Chinato" "Italian Vermouth" & Gentleman

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2016-09-25 19:42:47

"Stile Italia Tv" presents "Cocchi" one of the most important and famous producer,.since 1891, of Piedmont aromatized wine, such as Vermouth and Americano, and above all, Cocchi is the creator of Barolo Chinato. “Americano” is an is an aromatized wine created in 1891 by Giulio Cocchi and since then produced without interruption following original recipe. The name “Americano” is both due to the alcohol made bitter (“amaricato”) by the addition of herbs and spices and to the American habit of drinking vermouth with ice and soda. In most recent years Cocchi has been producing a “pink” variant of the historical “white” “Americano”. It is the “Cocchi Rosa” produced with a base of red wines of Piedmont to which herbs and spices extracts are added, in particular gentian, cinchona, citrus zests and rose petals. Vermouth is another Cocchi’s signature aromatized wine, appreciated by many barmen around the world. Currently, Cocchi produces three Vermouth. The first is “Storico Vermouth di Torino”, introduced by Cocchi to celebrate the 120 anniversary of its foundation. It is produced according the original recipe of Giulio Cocchi. It is a sweet Vermouth, or Italian Vermouth. The second Cocchi’s Vermouth is “Dopo Teatro Vermouth Amaro” (After Theatre Vermouth), created to repropose the historical way to sip Vermouth in Turin (across XIX and XX centuries), in a small cup of cool Vermouth with lemon zest in the evening. This Vermouth is called “Vermouth Amaro” because, according to Giulio Cocchi’s original recipe, Artemisia is enriched a double infusion of cinchona, with rhubarb, quassia wood and chiretta. The addition of Barolo Chinato to the base wine gives delicately red nuances and a further soft and complex note – totally Cocchi style. The third Cocchi’s Vermouth is “Riserva La Venaria Reale” created in the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Giulio Cocchi winery. “Reserve” does not mean aging in barrels, which would affect the complex aromatic balance in favor of oxidation and tannin components, but the valorization of the formula and the savoir faire in production. As in Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino, the wine used is a dry muscat, aromatized with a formula particularity rich in Artemisia, Rhubarb, Alpine herbs and a touch of Piedmontese mint. The most precious and famous Cocchi’s aromatized wine is the “Barolo Chinato”, invented by Giulio Cocchi. Barolo Chinato is a special wine produced with Barolo DOCG, aromatized with cinchona calisaya bark, rhubarb and gentian root and the precious cardamom seed whose active principles are extracted with a slow maceration at room temperature followed by a refining period of almost one year in barrel. Characterized by balance and harmony in the perfume with an immediate pleasant taste and a pleasant aromatic persistence. "Italian Cocktail & Drinks", "Italian Vermouth", "Italian Gin", "Italian Mixology" "Italian Gentleman", "Italian Style", "Italian Elegance", Italian Gentleman", "Italian Tayloring", "Italian Wine" and "Italian Excellance" are programs realized by "Danilo della Mura", produced by "Stile Italia Tv" and "Leisury Tv".

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