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"Italian Gentleman" - "Rubinacci" - "Single Breasted Suit" "Italian Tailoring" "Italian Fashion"

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2016-08-11 17:53:39

"Mariano Rubinaci", as known as "Sartoria Rubinacci", is one of the most famous "Italian Tailor's" and one of the most iconic "Neapolitan Tailoring" ambassador. In this video "Luca Rubinacci" presents the first of three Spring - Summer Suits. It is a "Single Breasted Suit" which jacket as all iconic feature of a Neapolitan Jacket": "full unlined", "Spalla a Camicia" (shirt shaped shoulder), "Bottoni Baciati" (ovellapped buttons), "Tasca a Pignata" (round shaped patch pocket). Trousers are "botton fly" and they have the special "Chiusura Manny" (Manny's closure) one the Sartoria Rubinacci's iconic feature. "Italian Gentleman", "Italian Fashion". "Fashion & Style", "Italian Tailoring", "Italian Icons" and "Italian Excellence" are programs realized by "Danilo della Mura", produced by "Stile Italia Tv"

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