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Rock Hendricks - In the Morning *k~kat jazz café* The Smooth Loft

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2016-10-30 18:55:53

Can’t Let Go 2016 .... Throughout his illustrious career, Rock Hendricks has performed and recorded with many legendary performers such as Paul Hardcastle, Michael Jackson, Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, John Lee Hooker, Lydia Pense & Cold Blood, The Funkadelics, Michael Buble, Marvin Gaye Jr, Marvin Gaye Jr III, The Temptations, Bobby Womack, Coke Escovedo, Walter Becker, Donald Fagan, Steve Arrington, Jeff Lorber, Victor Bailey, Willie Hutch, Charelene, The Family Stone, Stacy Ladissaw, Rockwell, Alfie, Bonnie Raitt, Leon Russel, Dave Mason, and Sammy Hagar. Rock also worked with Motown Records on a number of recordings as well. Born in Killeen Texas – now residing in Maui ... Aloha. http://www.rockhendricks.com/ The Island was composed by Rod Antoon keyboardist from Cameo and The Commodores. SUPPORT THE ARTIST: This album is available at major music outlets. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/cant-let-go/id1124184151 Copyright: (C) 2016 Trippin 'n Rhythm Copyright enforced to the performance and property of the respective owner(s) VIDEO DISCLAIMER: This Video is made for entertainment purposes only. You can download this music on select authorized website such as, iTunes, Amazon.com, etc. No copyright infringement is intended in the making of this video. [Not a free download]

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